About NWSA

Northwest Sports Association was created in 2017 to fill a need within the Port Angeles community and surrounding areas for youth programs that were either not offered or had been canceled long ago for whatever reason. We started our program with our sites set on Youth Cheerleading, something this community had lacked for over three years. Our pilot year was great, considering that none of the board members had ever run a program like this before. We had both a summer (for flag football) and a fall (for contact football) cheer program, and any mistakes or errors made were minor and have since been corrected.

In 2018, NWSA is introducing a new Youth Lacrosse program. This will be a spring co-ed program for participants age 7 to 12. The reason we are doing so is because there has been no youth program for lacrosse in this area before, and anyone who goes into the lacrosse program at the age of 13 has to learn from the ground up. We are proud to be working alongside Mountaineers Lacrosse to help make this program happen.

Showing Pride in our community

We do more than just handle sports, we are helping to shape the future members of this community. To that end, all participants from our programs are expected to give back to the community at least once a season. In our 2017 summer and fall programs, the cheerleaders gave back to the community which has supported them! There was a food drive for the food bank, a cleanup of the beach, and helping out the local humane society! We are extremely proud that our coaches and cheerleaders want to give back to the city. We plan to do even more in 2018, stay tuned for updates on that!